The Belgian Series Baseball 2019 will start on Saturday 12 October

The Belgian Series Baseball 2019 will start on Saturday 12 October

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This Saturday, October 12th 2019, is the first game of the play-offs of the National Baseball Gold Competition: The Belgian Series Baseball 2019. The Royal Borgerhout Squirrels – who finished first in the Gold League – will take on the number two Koninklijke Deurne Spartans. In what is also called the Airport series.

Both clubs are located on the outskirts of Antwerp Airport, 700 meters apart and there has been a great sporting rivalry between these top teams for years. The Spartans are the current national champions, the Squirrels were the year before. It’s certainly not the first time the two teams meet up in the Series. So top baseball and exciting games guaranteed!

Game 1 of the best-of-5 series is Saturday October 12th and starts at 14:00 on the main field of Borgerhout Squirrels at the Vosstraat 109, 2600 Antwerp (Borgerhout).

Everyone is welcome and entrance is free.
See you at the Ballgame!


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Belgian Series 2019  best-of-5 schedule

Saturday 12/10/2019
Game 1 – 14:00 @Borgerhout     K. Borgerhout Squirrels  vs K. Deurne Spartans                 

Sunday 13/10/2019
Game 2 – 14:00 @Spartans          K. Deurne Spartans vs  K. Borgerhout Squirrels                 

Saturday 19/10/2019
Game 3 – 14:00 @Borgerhout    K. Borgerhout Squirrels vs  K. Deurne Spartans                 

Sunday 20/10/2019
Game 4 – 14:00 @Spartans          K. Deurne Spartans vs  K. Borgerhout Squirrels                 

Saturday 26/10/2019
Game 5 – 14:00 @Borgerhout    K. Borgerhout Squirrels vs  K. Deurne Spartans  

@Borgerhout= Vosstraat 109, 2600 Antwerpen-Borgerhout
@Spartans= Ruimtevaartlaan 22, 2100 Antwerpen-Deurne