Baseball 5 kicks off in Belgium as well

Baseball 5 kicks off in Belgium as well

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Baseball 5 – new urban discipline- kicks off in Belgium as well.

Baseball and Softball are on the rise in Belgium as is the case worldwide. Due to the fact that baseball and softball are back at the Tokio 2020 Olympics. And due to the fact that National Federations give great support to the ambitions of the WBSC of reaching a billion people worldwide with our beloved sports. To this end – amongst other initiatives – a new urban sports discipline has been launched: Baseball 5.

All you need is a ball
Baseball 5 is a sport accessible to everyone, that can be played virtually anywhere and anytime. Fast, attractive, challenging and exciting. With minimal requirements: a small field, 5 players per team, a ball, possibly some chalk and you’re off. Gloves, bats and catchers equipment are not necessary. For boys and girls, adults, mixed, beginners and the young at hearts.

Super easy to learn
Easy and fast to learn for everyone with simple rules derived from baseball and softball. Quick game play with 5 defenders on the field and 5 innings to be played; hence Baseball 5. Action guaranteed. You can play everywhere: On the beach, on a quiet street, a town square or a park. Inside or outside. In short, a new future proof urban sport is on the go.

Want to see Baseball 5 for the first time in Belgium?
The LFBBS has the scoop for Belgium. Celebrating their 30 years of existence with a grand Introduction Tournament of Baseball 5 in Belgium, this  Saturday 9th of  February 2019 in the Andenne Arena. Twelve mixed teams will participate in the Tournament, consisting of a maximum of 8 players per team (5 players and 3 reserves). The teams have practiced hard in recent months and will make a perfect showcase for Baseball 5. Entrance is free and everyone is welcome.


Tournament info

Saturday 9th of  February 2019 from 10:00 to 19:00

Andenne Arena
Rue Dr Melin 14
5300 Andenne

Baseball5 info