Brasschaat Braves win the Belgium Cup Baseball 2019

Brasschaat Braves win the Belgium Cup Baseball 2019

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The Brasschaat Braves have won the Belgium Cup Baseball 2019. In a solid baseball game, they proved too strong for the Hoboken Pioneers Thursday afternoon, August 15.

The cup final was played on the neutral grounds of the Koninklijke Deurne Spartans who had taken on the organization of the Final Day for this edition of the Cup. With thorough pitching and assisted by a few errors of the Pioneers, the Braves proved unbeatable and won 8 – 3 in the Final. In addition to the Belgium Cup, an European Ticket for 2020 was also taken.

The Final Day started in the morning with a lot of rain, so the Cadets Gold competition game started later than planned. Thanks to the volunteers from Spartans who quickly dried the fields. Brasschaat also won here. The Mohawks defeated the cadets of the Spartans with 13-05. Fortunately, it cleared up completely in the afternoon and it became a well-attended cup final. A pleasant sporting day for participants and fans thanks to the excellent organization of the Spartans.


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