The Belgian Baseball and Softball competitions will start on 3 July 2020

The Belgian Baseball and Softball competitions will start on 3 July 2020

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The Belgian Baseball and Softball competitions will start on July 3, 2020!

KBBSF-FRBBS is pleased with the recent positive developments around Covid 19. It has been decided to restart the Belgian Baseball and Softball competitions from Friday, July 3, 2020.

 “Our intention is to create as many play and game opportunities for our members, within the current applicable health and safety rules, as posible. The leagues have drawn up the Safe@Bat & Go regulations and protocols for this.” It has also been decided that all 2019 Champions will keep their European Tickets. No relegations or promotions this year. There will be no summer break. Gamedays will be set up until mid-October, so it’s likely that 3 round robins (instead of 4) may still be played in Gold and most competitions without reprogramming.

“It all depends on the number of teams that want and are still able to participate. A survey was sent to all clubs to confirm before June 15, 2020 that their teams are still participating in the various competitions ”. There is also a proposal for Baseball Gold to play their double headers (double programming) in 2 days on Saturday and Sunday. So that there is a home game every weekend for the first teams; and clubs will be able to generate much needed income.

In a competitive context, all Baseball and Softball series will be played for the 2020 Championship – as in the past – simply for the Sporting Honor! Where fair play, fun and health are paramount!

The VBSL has made similar proposals for the youth competitions.

The final competition calendars will be drawn up and published as soon as possible after June 15th.

“We are ready, the Belgian Baseball and Softball clubs have shown in recent weeks that they are resilient and that they can adapt to the challenging situations. We are confident and hope to make it a positive 2020 season!”.

Let’s play ball!

René Laforce