Short update from KBBSF-FRBBS

Short update from KBBSF-FRBBS

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Antwerp, 3 March 2021

Dear clubs and members,

The weather is beautiful, Spring Training has begun in the USA and we all yearn to get back outside to play baseball or softball.  Unfortunately at the moment there is no governmental news available that can provide us with certainty when the Baseball and Softball Competitions 2021 can start. In fact, it looks like these will have to be postponed …

Clubs, teams, coaches, players have now started “training” within the current regulations. The team registrations are all in. And with 97 senior teams (the same number as 2020 and one less than top year 2019), this is very promising for the sport given the circumstances. Of course we want everyone to play as quickly and as much as possible within governmental health regulations!

The TECCOM has now implemented the new top division system. This year we also switched to League Republic’s online competition software. Go to:

Only the team / division layouts are currently available online; the competition games are not published! It remains to be seen what the government decides. When can we fully practice? And when may we play ballgames with opponents? If this takes a long time, we will always have to make adjustments. Various scenarios have already been discussed. Alternative calendars are also available. There is no point in anticipating this. We all hope to be able to get started asap!

The same goes for the National Teams, E.C.’s and European Club Competitions for 2021.
The teams are registered and the coaches are “fully” preparing. The rest is to wait and respond immediately when opportunities arise; or adjust.  In the meantime, the KBBSF-FRBBS Board of Directors is at full strength with 2 new members from the LFBBS side, so it is possible to act quickly.

As you understand, it is now impossible to publish anything definitive. As soon as this is the case, this will of course happen immediately.


Stay in shape and stay safe. Hope to see you soon!