Cool sports for anyone with a mental or physical disability

G-Baseball is the collective name for the Baseball and Softball variants played by youth and adults with physical and or mental disabilities. Since 2012 G-Baseball is rolled out across Belgium.


Everyone can participate with our cool sports: we match the type of gameplay and some materials according to the participants; all depending on the circumstances and the level of the players. All variants can be played with genuine baseball gear, both indoors and outdoors. This also includes wheelchair softball and even baseball for the visual impaired.


This makes it possible for all kids and adults with disabilities to have the same fun success experience as the millions of baseball and softball players worldwide .....



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Borgerhout Squirrels
Gent Knights


Slow Pitch Wheelchair Softball Tournament

The first “G-Slow Pitch” Wheelchair Tournament ever in Belgium, will be held on February 18th 2017.

The Borgerhout Squirrels are the organizing club and will hold this G-Slow Pitch Wheelchair Tournament at the sports hall Peerdsbos in the city of Brasschaat, Belgium.

We want to attract handicapped as well as able-bodied players and show that our Baseball and Softball Community is ready to combine forces with the G-Sports out there.


G-Sports in Flanders are Sports for all kids and adults with all sorts of handicaps. For us the G in G-Sports stands for enthusiasm, fun in sports, equality, fair play and integration of ....
The G-Slow Pitch Tournament is an INCLUDING event, which states that people with and without disabilities should play sports together. The goal: to sensibilize all athletes (with and without disabilities) to learn - by playing  our sports together -  the real gameplay and meaning of baseball and softball. And, don’t forget: HAVING FUN !!


We are going to generate quite some local and hopefully national publicity for this  G-Slow Pitch (Wheelchair) Tournament and are looking forward to a big turnout.

Everyone is welcome to attend this event. To support  and  above all to help out and preferably participate on the field.



Kon. Borgerhout Squirrels

Sigrid Gontier


Martin Langezaal


The G-Baseball Roadshow

G-Baseball Initiations at your school or event

To increase accessibility and make our sports possible to play for really everyone, we have chosen to come and give G-Baseball Initiations at the schools, institutions or events of the players themselves.


The advantages of the G-Baseball Roadshow are:

  • breaks down barriers
  • saves significantly in the travel and organizational costs
  • takes place in a familiar environment
  • can pass during class time with help/participation of the counselors and teachers
  • > 1.000 kids and adults enjoyed our sports last year alone



Martin Langezaal